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What is a Violet Tier subscription?

A Violet Tier Subscription offers extra perks for readers not seen in a Free Tier subscription. These include…

Max's Daily Eye Bleach

Even *I* need a break from politics sometimes, you guys. Every once in a while, I’ll provide you a much-needed respite from the political craziness all around us. This could be a lighthearted meme, a heartwarming puff piece, or even just some daily fun from my life.

Access To The Vault

Alright, so I’m no Taylor Swift but… I've drafted a lot of articles, essays, and other various writings in the past. These vary from a large range of topics even beyond politics at times. Gain access to these extra musings!

The Weekly Six

Every Sunday afternoon, you’ll receive a recap from me of some of the week’s political news that’s interested me. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, I swear.

And More!

As this blog expands, I’ll be sure to think up and offer plenty of other perks for Violet Tier subscribers. If you have any ideas/suggestions for content, send them my way!

How much will it cost?

The cost is only $5.99 a month. That’s the same price as a six-inch Italian sub from Subway! So, if you’re a frequent Subway enjoyer, you could just skip it for one day and buy a month’s subscription to my blog. If you’re not, well - uhh - you should still subscribe because it’s pretty darn cheap.

It’s even cheaper if you purchase a yearly subscription! For $52.99 a year, that averages out to $4.41 a month. That’s $18.89 a year in savings! Over 3 Subway sandwiches! Why am I still talking about Subway?!

Either way, a Violet Tier subscription won’t break your bank! Give it a go!

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